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Binary Power IPS products provide what other available lithium batteries cannot - delivery of maximum power when needed, longer operating times when running high power appliances, and an extended usable life. The lead-acid batteries currently utilized by RVs, boats, neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs), and golf carts can be replaced with Intelligent Power System products, co by Binary Power.

 Lithium-based batteries can be fast charged to over 95% of their capacity. Unlike lead-acid, there is no need for a slow absorption phase to get the final 20% of the charge capacity into the battery. With a sufficiently powerful charger, certain lithium batteries can be fully charged from empty to full in just under an hour. Unlike lead-acid, a failure to regularly fully charge lithium batteries (that have an active balancing BMS) does not damage them, reduce their capacity, nor shorten their lifespan. If this type of lithium battery is not fully charged - no worries. This creates flexibility to tap into energy sources whenever without worrying about the need to complete a full charge. Only a short stay at the RV park? No problem. Several partly cloudy days that impacts your solar system’s output? No problem. Finished 18 holes and want to play another round? No problem. With lithium-based energy storage systems charging can occur as frequently or infrequently as power is available without being concerned about detriment to the battery bank due to partial charging.

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IPS-48-100 IPS-48-280 

Intelligent Power System - voltage - Amp Hour rating : IPS-PW-14kw