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Mr. Lee has helped develop Binary Power since its inception in 2018. He negotiated the original client agreements that led to the devlopment and manufacturing of boutique electronics for niche market products. Prior to his work with Binary Power, Mr. Lee founded WiFi Rail, Inc. in 2006, and developed and deployed its patented technology throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and in parts of the United Kingdom. A significant portion of the infrastructure that was designed and installed at his direction was "off grid" and relied on 24/7/365 battery power that was charged by solar systems. Mr. Lee has had many years of hands-on experience with many different battery types and intimately knows their life cycles and limitations. During the time that he was deploying the bespoke wireless networks globally (2006 to 2014) he was issued seven patents related to wireless technology innovations. Mr. Lee previously built and engineered telephone networks in Mexico, Africa, Caribbean, and the United States. He was Chairman and CEO of Network Technologies International, Inc., a multinational telecommunications company with networks in Mexico, the US, and Ghana. From 1995 to 2000, he was President, CTO and a Director of TMEX USA, Inc., a publicly traded phone company, which owned and operated an international telecommunications backbone network that spanned California, Texas, and down into Monterrey and Mexico City. Mr. Lee also founded TMEX, S.A. de C.V., a sister corporation in Mexico that provides various telecommunication services within Mexico.

Founder & Chief of Technology & Intellectual Property

Mr. Redemann was the incorporator of Binary Power and oversees and directs the engineering and design of the products that the Company delivers and ensures that novel developments are legally protected. Mr. Redemann is a versatile technology professional known for guiding technical strategy consistent with business strategy. He has refined skills in handling intellectual property, systems engineering, electronics, and software. Mr. Redemann is a proven interdisciplinary inventor (17 issued patents) with extensive manufacturing experience. He is especially effective in dynamic multi-cultural Pac-Rim environments. Since 2009, prior to starting Binary Power, Mr. Redemann provided intellectual property portfolio development services to several technology clients. Previously, while working for Celerity, Inc., he built an IP portfolio blanketing process gas delivery within the semiconductor capital equipment marketplace and successfully expanded a starting group of 24 active patents to 90+ U.S. and 200+ foreign issued patents. He served Kinetics Fluid Systems as key point of customer contact on technical issues rotating through Applied Materials (AMAT), Lam Research (LRCX), and ASML (ASML). Mr. Redemann served as Vice President of Manufacturing for Unit Instruments (UII), a publically traded company. As a founder of Xing Technology Corporation, he was one of five U.S. delegates to the Founding Plenary of ISO/IEC-JCT1/SC29 (held in Tokyo, Japan) the standards group that defined JPEG, MPEG, and their subsequent derivatives (Xing was sold to Real Networks - RNWK). Mr. Redeman is a graduate of Revelle College at UCSD, has worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and is a member of many professional societies.


Mr. Kearns has over thirty years of experience in the telecommunications industry of which he spent much of his time focused on Central Office (CO) buildings that run entirely on inverted DC battery power. He has had decades of experience dealing with large-scale deployments of both lead-acid and nickel-iron battery systems. After retiring from AT&T Mr. Kearns got involved in the RV industry and spent many years dedicated to the restoration of motor coaches. Mr. Kearns became intimately involved with one of the premier RV manufacturers, several RV dealers, as well as a myriad of parts suppliers. During his restoration tenure, he became very familiar with the battery and power systems of RVs and identified specific aspects of the electrical systems that could be enhanced. He has been a big proponent for the need for higher capacity battery systems in RVs to reduce dependency on generator power. While working for AT&T he held a number of management positions in the Network Operations, Engineering, and Marketing departments. These positions included assignments in Denver, Kansas City, San Francisco, New York, and Salt Lake City.

chief marketing officer

Mr. Lyon has been working in direct response marketing for over twenty-five years. He started his career as a graphic artist before developing and managing marketing campaigns, sales strategies, and advertising programs. Mr. Lyon has founded multiple companies some of which grew to over 250 employees in multiple states. His core disciplines include; development of lead generation systems, monetization of leads, increased customer conversion rate, reduction of customer acquisition costs, and implementing effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Mr. Lyon’s breadth of experience in marketing includes the E-commerce, Credit & Finance, Medical, Health and Wellness, Technology, Legal, Training and Education, Automotive, Food, and Entertainment industries. He co-founded Anvil Legal Group and Mobility Braces where he used his marketing expertise to acquire cases that settled for over $20M and generated nearly $30M in product revenue.

chief financial officer

Mr. Manahan is a financial strategist, consultant, and lecturer at California State Dominguez Hills. He has served as Chief Financial Officer for three publicly traded companies, started and owned seven small businesses, and as an advisor, has worked with more than 100 management teams. Mr. Manahan is a graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Financial Management. He earned an MBA from Pepperdine University and was a CPA in Canada. Mr. Manahan also completed all course work for a Doctorate in Organizational Change at Pepperdine University (ABD). His accomplishments include building accounting teams, preparing companies for audits and sale, leading due diligence on acquisitions and investments, raising capital, coaching CEOs and CFOs, creating financial projections, pitch decks, and driving down operating costs while improving efficiency.


Mr. Radie has served retail and institutional clients as a licensed investment professional for over forty years. His experience encompasses many different types of securities both public and private. As a licensed broker, Mr. Radie has participated in IPOs, PIPES, and typical stock trading. During his tenure as a principal at a brokerage firm he oversaw many mergers, acquisitions, and investment banking transactions principally focused on emerging markets. Since retiring in June 2018, Mr. Radie has consulted with several startup companies regarding strategies for raising capital. He worked at Newport Coast Securities and subsequently West Park Capital after their merger. Prior to working at Newport Coast Securities he was with Brooks Street Securities for thirteen years and H.J. Meyers, a New York member firm based in Beverly Hills.


Mr. Hilberath has over thirty years of hands-on electronic product design and management expertise as an electrical engineer. His experience includes the design and development of high-end fiber-optic telecommunications systems, high-fidelity electronics, and high-power systems for the defense industry. Mr. Hilberath has over 15 years experience in technical sales and was responsible for capturing the total addressable market (TAM) in southern Orange County for electronic system design in both the medical and aerospace industries. He has been a principal partner in several dynamic and fast paced Orange County start-up companies. One of these start-ups, lead by his technology centered expertise, grew to over $20M in revenue, over 80 employees, and successfully acquired a competitor prior to being sold for $27M. Mr. Hilberath holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering.


Mr. Heider is a specialist in precision engineering and manufacturing of critical components for jet aircraft and satellite applications that require "zero-tolerance" in product defects. For the past decade Mr. Heider has been the president of Aviation Equipment Processing (AEP), a precision aircraft components manufacturing company that provides its services to Boeing, Lockheed, SpaceX, and others. Under his management AEP revenue grew from just over $1M to $10M annually. He is an expert in 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Modeling (CAM) systems and utilizing them to create 3D printed prototypes and then outputting the designs to CNC machines for production parts. Mr. Heider also has extensive expertise in setting up Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and implementing processes to streamline manufacturing and quality control. Mr. Heider earned degrees in Electronics and Computer Science from Los Angeles Valley College.