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Binary Power, Inc., a Wyoming Corporation, was incorporated in 2018 and since its formation has been engaged in the development and manufacturing of niche market electronics. In mid-2020, in response to the absence of a high-current, high-capacity, small form-factor, lithium battery, the management team changed the focus of the company to developing a lithium-based Intelligent Power System (IPS) that could provide significantly higher current, greater power density, longer lifespan, and be safer than any other lithium battery available. The new innovative system overcomes the challenges of using lithium batteries to replace, or be used as an alternative to, traditional lead-acid batteries (like the battery in a car). The prototyping of the initial IPS products is nearing completion and development of an end-to-end product line to support the proprietary system is underway. Binary Power is shifting into a high growth phase and requires incremental capital to expand its corporate infrastructure and accommodate the anticipated product demand.

Binary Power has focused on a compact high-current system for lower voltage applications. A proprietary battery and current management system is combined with large form- factor lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) storage cells to create the Intelligent Power System (IPS). An IPS can be used to replace traditional deep-cycle lead-acid batteries and has been specifically designed for applications that generally use lead-acid batteries. The lead-acid batteries currently utilized by RVs, boats, neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs), and golf carts can be replaced with IPS products. Binary Power IPS products provide what other available lithium batteries cannot - delivery of maximum power when needed, longer operating times when running high power appliances, and an extended usable life.